Man I have been one heck of a busy chick lately. (In a not so chickish way- meaning I have been in pajamas with my hair thrown up in a scrunchy for the past 2 weeks) ... Because I have been working my buns off to get my illustration job done ON TIME.... and I mean it will be done on time.... So while we are all waiting here to get some major projects going I am sitting at my computer painting.

Not that there is anything wrong with that...... I've just been doing it for the last 9 months... (wow- I could've had a baby in that amount of time) That's actually a pretty long time.
This job is sort of like a baby, it's grown bigger and bigger and bigger.... Almost time to give birth! WOot WoOt!

I'm excited to get going on some stuff for my FIRST HOUSE!!

It's White, It's Black...

So guess what we did?
We are moving to a new house soon (which doesn't include a fridge)
So I've been searching for one. I found one that we bought for $140, works great
(they just got new stainless steel appliances)
But the only problem was that it was white. All the appliances in our new place are

But I had watched a segment on Studio5 where they painted a fridge

We used this:
And this
It is $4.56 a can at Home Depot or Lowe's.
You can get it in either black, almond or white.

If you want to do it yourself here is the link:

Our before:

After: (I will take a new pic once it's in the new place)


And other items of business...

Look what I got yesterday! And for only $30!! Table with 5 chairs! I've been keeping a lookout for this style and boy was I tickled silly when I saw these babies!
I am thinking I'm not in love with the style of the legs...

So I have another table (that would've been perfect however the top is veneer and not wood, so I can't stain it... I was thinking of transplanting the legs from that table to this...
But what do you think? Does the style of the legs go with the chairs?? (I took a picture and pasted it onto the new one)

And look at these gorgeous shield chairs!

what got me even more excited was when I saw this picture on hgtv's webpage............

See the shield shape?? Wow. I feel like a lucky gal right now...

Shower onesies

I just finished making some onesies for my sister in laws shower. She is having a BOY and a GIRL! I'm totally excited! One of the pairs match- the boy's tie and the girls ruffle bum.
Maybe I'll do a tutorial on how to make the ruffel bum sometime. I got the fabric from "Gracie Lou's Quilt shop" They have some adorable fabrics there. You can click on the picture to see a larger version of each.

Rolled paper wreath

Found this tutorial on how to make a rolled paper wreath. I thought it looked pretty cool. My new front door will be dark, so I think I could make a pretty cool "white" paper wreath.
*stashing this on my 'to do' list. Want to make one? Go here.

Create mercury glass from Looking glass spray paint

I was so excited when I read this post from Frugal Farmhouse Designs, and saw what she had done with a simple piece of glass! Now I'm excited to try this out for myself! She used "Looking Glass" Spray paint from Krylon, way cool dude! Click here to see.

DIY chandelier

Blog surfing again *what's new* I came across this project someone did- I have been wanting to create something like this to put in our new front room... Glad I came across it. To see how to make one click here

Home Dreaming....

*sigh... can I move into my house already? My creative bug is just spilling out all over the place. Seriously you do not want to know how many pictures I have saved in my folder of decor pictures! I've been so excited and anxious that I'm filling it to the max with all the lovely ideas out there. Ok so these are just "a few" of the many pictures that inspire me. Sorry I didn't take the time to write down where they are from (I think if I did, I really wouldn't have a life and my family would be very much neglected. )


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