Decorating with Cabinet doors...

I bought some cabinet doors today for 50 cents each!! So excited, I'm going to do some of these projects once we move to our NEW HOUSE!!! :)

Studio 5

Designer Katie Evertsen demonstrates different ways to dress up a throw-away cabinet door.

• The first and easiest way to turn a cabinet door into something unique is by using double sided tape or hot glue to adhere ribbon to the top of the cabinet in a lattice pattern. Once the ribbon is adhered you can embellish with hardware or leave plain. Photo boards are a great way to display photos, notes, recipes, or homework.

• The second way you can utilize a cabinet door is by taking a cabinet door and adding vinyl lettering to the cabinet. The possibilities here are endless. You can add lettering for a holiday, i.e. Give Thanks, Merry Christmas, or Happy Halloween. Or you can be room specific by creating a vinyl letter board for the Laundry Room, Kitchen, or Mud Room.

• Another way to utilize cabinet doors is by sanding the center of the cabinet door, and applying a chalk board paint to the middle of the cabinet. This sort of paint can be purchased at Lowes or Home Depot. This is an easy way to make a great chalk board.

• A very simple way of using a cabinet door is to add hooks to the center of a long skinny cabinet for a great coat rack, or a place to hang accessories.

• One of my favorite ways to embellish a cabinet door is by cutting out the center of the cabinet door. The cabinet is usually dived into two pieces, the frame and the center. You do not need to cut perfectly around the center of the frame, just make cuts on the back of the cabinet towards the outside of the center of the frame and pop the center out. You can then using caulking to attach a piece of glass to the center of the cabinet. From here you can:

-Add vinyl letters to the glass.
-Press flowers or leaves between the glass.
-Make a frame.
-Make a mirror.


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  2. Hi Jenn,

    I am your newest follower. I saw that same clip on Studio 5. Such great ideas on what to do with old cabinet doors! We made hook boards out of doors from a hutch. I will be watching your blog! As I look through your fun home ideas they mimic my taste so I will be coming here for new ideas and inspiration!

  3. Great! thanks for the comment!


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