Finished book!

I finally got around to finishing the book! Now I can just make more pages here and there in the future to add in. (for links to where some of my pages were inspired by look at the previous post!)

So I really wanted a barn page. I had gone to the local DI and saw a "soft" book
with a manger story, and I snipped out the cow and chicken and put them
into my barn (since they were fabric, I washed them ahead of time in the wash)

This one was a combination of someones idea and a little spin of my own.
I found this cute fabric at Gracie Lou's quilt shop in Salem. They have adorable
fabrics there!

This "Pingo" themed paged came from my own little creativeness.
My son loves the book "Pingo"

This rocket ship theme was not my idea, but I loved it so much
I HAD to make one! SO fun! My son loves to fly the rocket ship!

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